Website launch, yay!

Greetings comers new and old, and welcome to our page that just has our namein the url, and none of those other untidy bits! 

To those who have been following us for a while, we apologize for how long it's taken us to launch this. A potent combination of perfectionism, indecisiveness, and lack of willpower has thus far crippled our efforts to publish the site independently of Etsy, but we are grateful in any case for this stopgap measure. Maybe we will publish the other site in the future, when we realize what the limitations of Pattern are. 

For those who are new; we're a small, two-man company of woodworkers who love restoring vintage furniture. We've been in the game with Mid Century pieces since 2014. We hope you like our aesthetic choices, and let us know if you have any questions about us, our policies, or our pieces!

We'll be posting a few articles on the process of restoration, vintage furniture, and other things that pique our interest in the near future. Comments will also be left on, until it becomes clear that they obviously shouldn't be. Please don't help us find out where that boundary lies ;P

tldr; website is here, we basically ditched the old plan. Let us know if there's anything essential missing


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